Playing badminton increases longevity!

Badminton is a very popular game, played with the help of tensile rackets and a shuttle cock made up with fine feather or light custom made plastic wings, in either single player or double players. What many people do not know is that badminton is an aerobic game, that is it modifies your breathing pattern and so it also works like yoga! Playing badminton regulates body temperature and heat rate and research have shown that playing this game for 30 minutes each day in middle age increases longevity by at least 2 years and decreases death rate by 23% in patients suffering from high blood pressure or cholesterol.


Playing badminton lowers the bad cholesterols and encourages their conversion in to good cholesterols. Total cholesterols, triglycerides and low density lipoproteins are called bad cholesterols while high density lipoproteins are the only good cholesterol. Good cholesterols do not clog the arteries of the heart unlike the bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol clogs and clots into blood vessels increasing the risk of heart attack many folds. Playing badminton convert bad cholesterols into release of energy and increases their circulation in the body thus preventing accumulation at a very high rate.


Playing badminton also encourages absorption of calcium compounds into the bone matrix and thus it helps making bone web stronger. As it brings all body into the motion, it is a very good game for people who want to loose weight. Specially in women, playing badminton is very useful as it makes bones stronger and does not let the fat to accumulate in middle ages.


People suffering from hypersensitiveness should also play badminton as it lowers the heart beat and keep blood pressure at normal rate. The time and intensity of game varies with person to person and you can confirm the details with your doctor to guide you how much of game will suit your body if you are playing it completely for health’s sake.

Article publié pour la première fois le 03/03/2012

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