Reduce your weight at the workplace

As we are well aware nowadays, looks matter way more than charisma in office hours whether you are entertaining clients or asking your boss for a raise. However, what happens when your figure gets sabotaged by your daily routine in working hours of your job. According to a survey nearly 50 percent of job owners described their waste lines as increased and consequently affecting their stamina and confidence.









Well here are a few tricks to beat the system


Always bring your lunch from home as you don’t want to live off vending machines or fast food joints which are the major contributors in the destruction of your appetite.










If you fingers do most of the work, try walking around in your break. Get some fresh air or even talking to a co-worker can help counter the “sitting disease” most office-workers are a victim of nowadays.









Last but not least, always try to stay happy at work – and that is even if you hanging in there. Devotion and diligence to your job is sometimes also helps reduce obesity. Keeping your nocturnal habits in check can also help. So bringing order to your gig will help put an end to excessive weight gain in the long run.



Article publié pour la première fois le 30/09/2012

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