Rio Carnival Attracts Record 2.2 Million People

Cordao da Bola Preta carnival

It’s that part of the year when Rio de Janeiro comes to life to celebrate one of the oldest and most loved carnivals of its history. This year, the out-pour has been phenomenal with street parties attracting an unprecedented 2.2 million people!

The Cordao da Bola Preta carnival which has been a leading event on the city’s social calendar has been around for 94 years now. In 2011, it was credited to be the largest carnival in the world attracting a diverse crowd of people belonging to all walks of life and spanning all ages.

This year’s carnival was particularly significant as for the first time in its entire history, the use of electric sound systems was allowed and the conventional route of the parade was reversed.

Reflecting the name of Bola Preta, or Black Dot, many revelers wore clothes with black polka dots on a white background. There were others who dressed as their favorite celebrities, sporting wigs and other accessories to play the character of their choice to the hilt.

While the festivities are still on in full swing with about 400 street parties planned for the Rio carnival, but the level of crowd and celebration of tradition that the Bola Preta parade has been inspiring since 1918 certainly seems to have no match.

Hats off to the revelers who in spite of their huge numbers ensured that no incident took place to dampen the fun. May the celebrations continue!

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/02/2012

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