Rock Scene’s Most Expensive Album Covers

At one point in music history, CDs were called long playing albums. They’re four times the size of a CD, they were pressed on vinyl material, and their covers are considered art work. The birth of CDs made LPs and their covers vintage. While record collection has been around for a while, vintage album cover collection is just becoming popular. Long playing albums are also worth a lot of money. But with their vintage original album covers, they can fetch a much hefty sum in auctions.

The Beatles will always on the list of the best and the most. This time, it’s about being the most expensive album cover in the rock and roll scene. One rarity is their album Yesterday and Today, that first was first released in a sleeve called the butcher cover. In 1966, the Beatles posed for a photo shoot in blood-stained butcher’s clothes with raw meat and decapitated baby dolls. The group wanted to convey a message about how badly their album was treated and “butchered” by Capitol Records. But the public did not like it and so it was pulled out from music stores and re-released with another cover. But some people had gotten hold of them, being avid fans. This is how it became a rare collection.

These albums, if in mint condition, are now worth up to S8,500.00. In April 2006, Heritage Auction Galleries sold a sealed and never been played stereo version album in the butcher cover at $30,000.

Tinkerbell’s Fairydust was a British pop group in the sixties who never enjoyed as much stardom as the Beatles. Just before the release of their only album, the band split up. Only a small handful of copies were made and it became a collectible in 2007 when it was sold on eBay for £1200.00. One can only wonder how the band members reacting to the clamor over their unreleased albums.

In 1978, a record company was scheduled to release an AC/DC Album with the title “12 of the Best”. The vinyl records were never made but there were a few covers printed. There’s a big buzz about these album sleeves but it’s the most elusive of all AC/DC collectibles. It is valued at $3,000.00 due to its rarity, history, AC/DC’s popularity and high artistic quality.

People collect the oddest things considering the odd ones are hardest to find. And the hardest to find are most expensive. This generation may not comprehend such hobby as collecting covers of black round things that play music. But to be in the eclectic few must feel pretty special.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/12/2012

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