Sacha Baron Cohen Plans to Bring the Dictator to Oscars

The Oscar Awards’ red carpet is one of the most photographed and widely watched events every year! Celebrities come adorned in their best and flash their most radiant smiles for millions of people around the world to go ga-ga over. The sheer magnitude of Oscars’ viewership and media coverage make it one of the best promotional platforms for filmmakers and actors alike. However, most celebrities refrain from using the Oscars’s stage to pull publicity stunts – such acts for most part only go on to spoil the grandeur and grace of the event.

However, Sacha Baron Cohen thinks otherwise. The comic actor has been giving sleepless nights to the Academy ever since his proclamation to exploit the limelight at the red carpet to promote his upcoming movie, ‘The Dictator’.

Cohen started hurling threats at the Academy on Friday, claiming that he had been ‘banned’ from entering the Oscar venue. At the end of his hysterical performance in front of the media, Baron Cohen posed for a photograph shouting ‘VICTORY!’ and flashing a photo of himself with a gun and a pair of Oscar tickets.

Sources within the Academy have claimed that neither has Cohen been banned from coming to the Oscars nor has he been stopped from pulling the yet-to-be-seen stunt, however they would rather prefer for the actor to not use the Oscar red carpet as a setting to promote his movie.

What Cohen has in mind is anybody’s guess but here’s hoping the bad blood between the actor and the Academy does not go on to ruin the red carpet!

Article publié pour la première fois le 25/02/2012

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