Scientists – Top 5 most Influential in Human History

1. Albert Einstein

Born: 1879

Died: 1955

A German Physicist and a refugee of war, Albert Einstein took the world by storm with his mass and energy equation E=mc2 and theory of relativity. Heralded as the most important of scientists in the history of humanity, he revolutionized physics with works such as Brownian movement of molecules, quantum theory regarding monatomic gases, unified field theory and various problems regarding mechanics, electronics and quantum physics.

2. Charles Isaac Newton

Born: 1643 

Died: 1727

Charles Isaac Newton was the pioneer in modern physics, astronomy, philosophy and mathematics. An avid researcher and one of the modern scientists, in 1687, he released his ground breaking book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica which defined the three equations of motion and the famous law of gravity among other scientific discoveries. He invented the first proper telescope, derived law of conservation of momentum, projectile motion, proved that planets revolved around sun and derived speed of sound in air (332m/s).

3. Nikola Tesla

Born: 1856 

Died: 1943

Thought by many to be the father of modern age, one of the most important of scientists/inventor of his era and the harbinger of The Second Industrial Revolution, Nikola Tesla was a Serbian engineer who transformed the world of magnetism and electricity. Although Tesla was cheated by a number of scientists of his ideas and patents, most notably Thomas Edison, Tesla is heralded as the real genius behind them. His works include polyphase power distribution, formulation of the alternating current electric power (AC) systems and the AC motor. He further researched on radar technology, remote control systems, computers, nuclear and classical physics.

4. Leonardo daVinci

Born: 1452 

Died: 1519

Leonardo da Vinci was an expert on just about any field ranging from mathematics, physics, botany, engineering, painting and music. Also well versed with physics, he is one of he modern scientists as his drawings of tanks, submarines and flying machines clearly show his genius. Considered the most influential scientist to bring about the Renaissance which evolved knowledge and general opinions of the people, Leonardo da Vinci is in the league of scientists who paved the way for the age of modernism.

5. Charles Darwin

Born: 1809 

Died: 1882

Famous for his theory of evolution and natural selection, the naturalist Charles Darwin is a scientist who revolutionized the world of biology. According to him, various species thrive on the basis of their adaptability to the environment and the ones which are better adapted will survive and the weaker ones will die off. According to the theory of evolution, all organisms originate from various single organisms which adapted in various ways, giving rise to new organisms which were fitter to survive.

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