Skin and what it tells us about our health

There are a lot of things that we can know about our body just by looking at our skin. It can be determined by the color of the skin, the way skin reacts, or even how much or less we are sweating.

If you ever notice that the color of your skin is yellow, head to the emergency room as fast as you can, as it is a sign of liver failure and is very serious. If your realize that your body is sweating too much it shows that the body is not cooling off, as perspiration is one of the way for the body to cool off. So you should go to the doctor and ask him what can you do to fix this and start drinking a lot of water.

Bags under the eye mean you are consuming too much salt; it is very risky as it does leads to high blood pressure, which causes a lot of problems which are related to the heart. Acne breakout is another thing in adult women that can be caused, it means that the ovaries produce an imbalance of sex hormones; the condition can also cause weight gain, excessive facial hair and prolonged periods.

It is also important to note what way your skin reacts. Pinch your skin, if it does not bounce back fast enough, maybe you may not be getting enough water or there can be something else wrong with you, so you will need to go to the doctor and ask him for his advice.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/10/2012

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