Sleep on time and save your life

Sleep is vital for the health of the mind and body. Yet many people do not understand its importance and readily skip on sleep timings. Sleep rests the mind, heals the body and important growth and repair take place during it.

Inadequate sleep affects the blood pressure and cholesterol, which contribute to heart attacks. Over exertion also causes stress on the body which can only be relieved by sleep.

Sleep is refreshing and it increases alertness, wellbeing and restores energy. This not only contributes to emotional stability and heightened memory but also helps in an active and healthy life.

The body needs time to repair damaged cells, make new ones and to perform growth. Sleep provides as excellent time as the body is in a state of complete rest so it can focus on such activities. Sleep is just as important as breathing and eating for an active and healthy lifestyle, so its importance should not be overlooked.

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/10/2012

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