So how to plan your diet?

Weight is not just simply a health concern. Rather obesity is something that affects one’s self esteem and is a social embarrassment for many today. People resort to uncountable ways of reducing weight or maintaining an ideal number on their weighing machines. At one extreme pole is liposuction and at the other is starvation, both being extremely dangerous to one’s overall wellbeing. However, there are numerous ways on this spectrum that people often resort to. One of them is developing a systematic approach towards eating and developing a diet plan, which is an art in itself since the objective is not only to lose weight but remain healthy, look fresh and stay physically active too. Most people neglect all these aspects of their body and stick to shedding skin only. Following are the codes to a wonderful diet plan.

  1. Think success: A diet plan is not just something on a piece of paper. It’s a way of life and it doesn’t have to include something that is related to one’s physical health only, rather it should contain a notion of feeling beautiful and successful. Human body is one’s gift by nature and all components must fit. In order for this to happen, an attitude must be developed that focuses on staying healthy, eating something that you love as well as believing in the fact that eating habits change overtime and slowly. So make a diet plan that incorporates the element of time and happiness.
  2. Include water and exercise as food groups: Exercise adds activity to a human body and continuous functioning helps digestion and breakdown of food contents and channelize them in positive energy. Water keeps the glow of the skin and cleanses the body. Make them a part of your diet plan.
  3. Fill up on fruits and veggies: These are low in calories and rich in nutrients that keep you going through the day. Fill up your tummy on green veggies and get your sugar intake from fruits instead of munching on those fudge cakes and other sugary poisons in disguise.  Add a huge portion of fruits in your plan.
  4. Breakfast: This is a must food group in a diet plan. NEVER skip your breakfast or the notion of physical health is gone. A healthy breakfast is the key to a quick start to your metabolism and keeps energy levels on an all-time high.
  5. Think smaller portions: Make use of your visual cues and have your meals in small bowls. At a restaurant, share your food with a friend, order smaller portions and make sure you divide your meal in healthy quotas. Include a serving of yogurt and salad and cut down on the fatty rations. This perspective will automatically reduce the food intake and will shrink down that horribly large stomach of yours.


Article publié pour la première fois le 03/03/2012

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