Its Red For Healthy Hearts

People choose from the spectrum of the fruits and vegetables so that they are oriented to a particular goal in their eating habits. Let me add the advantages of the “red group” of this family. They have natural pigments called “lycopene” and/or “anthocyanins” that give a red color to them. The red family fruits like, watermelons, tomatoes and pink grapefruit actually contains Lycopene that helps in reducing the risk of several types of cancer, especially the prostate cancer. Also in foods such as spaghetti sauce having cooked tomatoes the Lycopene, are observed to get better absorbed than that of the raw tomatoes. While the other type of pigment i.e., anthocyanin occur in fruits like strawberries, raspberries and grapes and other fruits and vegetables acts as powerful anti-oxidizing agent that protects from cell damage and also protects from many heart diseases.


Article publié pour la première fois le 11/02/2012

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