Stop Sitting, Live Longer

Recent studies have proven that sitting for excessive periods not only causes obesity but also shortens the lifespan. On average, a person spends 6-8 hours sitting down, much of it during leisure time or during work.

Research has proven that when a person sits down for long durations, the metabolism drops dramatically, which means the muscles stop using calories the body significantly reduces circulation of fat catabolizing enzyme lipase, which ultimately leads to fat accumulation.

Long durations of sitting down also leads to laziness, mental sluggishness and heart diseases as the body becomes accustomed to low levels of physical stress and weakens gradually.

Such habit can also lead to diabetes as the body shuts down metabolism of fat and stops converting glycogen from liver into glucose, which eventually reduces production of insulin and paves way to type B diabetes.

Sitting down for excessive periods leads to many forms of gastric problems. As sitting slows metabolism and slows down the digestion, food stays in the gut longer which can cause bacterial growth. Sitting down for such periods leads to indigestion, gas, loose motion and problem in defecation.

Regular exercise with an active routine which involves at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but also an extended lifespan.


Article publié pour la première fois le 03/10/2012

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