Styling Your Couch – Economically

Style is individual, so it reflects the uniqueness every person beholds. Many a time having style is attributed with having wealth, which in reality is a very wrong assumption. Style is not due to money but it is about creatively beautifying our lives in our own way.

How you arrange your surroundings and the place you live reflects your style in the strongest possible manner. Here is a very stylish, affordable and comfortable alternative you can add to your room or anywhere in your house. All you need are six sofa seat cushions and four small cushions. You can make a couch by creating two seats with the help of the six sofa seats and for the backrest you can use the smaller cushions. Resting this setup in a corner or against a wall, will give it the required support for stability.

Furthermore, you can always experiment with different colors for example you can make the seats black and cushions can be of zebra print. You can also use white color seats and red or maroon back cushions. You can match it with your rug or wall paint and add your personnel style to it.

This couch can be used to fill an empty corner of your room. You can get one made easily and accompany it with indoor plants to give in a very elegant and classy look. You can also place it aside your window and sit there sipping hot coffee! You can add different color, arrangements and places to set this couch and add your individual touch to it.





Article publié pour la première fois le 11/02/2012

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