Surprising Uses of Beer Aside From Getting Drunk

Among merry men beer is the stress killer, an amusing time-killer and socializing tool.  Beer is an underestimated drink only gaining attention in pubs and during game nights.  There are a number of uses for beer that surprisingly turns the beverage around as a multi-functional drink.  In the kitchen, cooks are delighted with beer’s ingredient capabilities.  Batters come out excellent in deep-fried dishes when flour is mixed with beer instead of just water.  Marinade your beef in beer to bring out the tenderness and amazing meat taste.  When stewing, add beer in the broth for a more tender and moist meat.  When making chilli for hotdogs or nacho dip, use beer to loosen up the ground beef.  There are number of recipes for beer.  It gives food a different level of taste without making anyone drunk.

Beer can also be used to polish jewelry.  Get the shine back on your old silver bling, or solid gold rings with intricate carvings.  Beer is an eco-friendly natural cleaner that won’t harm you jewelry or yourself.  Just drop your jewelry in a cup of beer and let it soak for twenty minutes. After a while, take jewelry out and wipe it dry.

Beer is so natural that it can even be used as fertilizer and soil enricher.  It can even remove slugs if you don’t want to sprinkle salt on your garden soil.  Simply take a container filled with beer and place it in the soil where the slugs can reach it.  The slug will be enticed by the beer smell and it will all fall into the glass to drink itself to death.  If your lawn has stubborn brown growth it could be because of bugs and weak soil.  Just pour over some beer on the brown spots to get rid of the bugs and promote green growth by enriching the soil.

Remove stains off your favorite shirt with beer.  It can also pull out stubborn brown spots on the collars.  Just pour beer on those nasty stains and let it stand for 20-30 minutes, pouring some again so it won’t dry out.  Then, throw your clothes into the washer like you would with your laundry.

If you have old wooden furniture that you dearly love but can’t afford the refurbishing costs, revive the shine with some flat beer. With a microfiber damp with beer, rub the wood and it will get the brand-new polish look.  It will become alive and get a little color that you want.

Article publié pour la première fois le 06/02/2013

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