Surviving Valentine’s Day Alone

Valentine’s Day couldn’t come any faster as far as couples are concerned but for the singles out there this is one of the days they dread. Seeing couples going out together or exchanging presents, add those insanely cute hearts that get plastered all over the commercials and advertisements, and the fact that you are single is enough to wish you were out there yourself enjoying your time with your partner. This can be quite depressing for some singles that haven’t had the best of luck finding a potential partner.

Instead of being depressed this coming Valentine’s Day, there are a few things that can be done to put that kick in your step even when you are single. Here are some ideas to help you survive the Valentine’s day.

  • Positive Affirmation – It won’t do you any good when you dwell on negative thoughts like, “I’m not that attractive,” or “I’m all alone in the world.” This way of thinking will only drag you down. Instead, go for some positive affirmation like “I’m fine the way I am” and “I’m well loved” and you will feel yourself cheering up in no time.
  • Pay Attention to Your Relationships – Think about the people around you and who you are comfortable being with. Keep in mind that there is something about you that makes these people want to be with you and be your friend so you should enjoy what they have to offer so you can have more fun.
  • Always Connect – Although it’s not that bad being on your own from time to time, you still need to connect with others whenever possible. Not only will you get to exercise your personal skills but you will also get to gain new friends along the way. What’s more, they can be a good source of support when you need one.
  • Trust Yourself – You should listen to the inner you because it can be a good source of comfort when you need it the most. Recognize the strengths you have and think about all the things that make you happy. Think about the values you want to include in your life in order to be happier even when you are alone.

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples but for everyone. Even when you are single you can still celebrate this day on your own, with your family or friends. There are so many things that you can do while you’re still single and that includes appreciating what life and love has to offer.

Article publié pour la première fois le 11/02/2013

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