Symptoms that Should Not Be Taken For Granted

nauseaYour body is an intelligent well-oiled machine equipped with defense mechanisms and the ability to give you the red flag when something’s amiss. The only trouble is you often choose to ignore its warnings so you end up in a hospital bed.  Here are some top symptoms of an unhealthy body that must not be ignored.

  1. Nausea is usually an indication that a major chemical change is happening due to an ingestion of substance that you’re body is not used to. It can also result to motion sickness and migraine but when either cause is improbable, it’s best to visit the doctor and have your blood checked especially when it’s a recurrent symptom. Nausea could be a sign of a potentially serious disease such as diabetes, brain tumor, meningitis, hepatitis or even an impending heart attack.
  2. Sudden changes in the bowels might not seem alarming but it’s something that you have to treat seriously.  This could be a signal to a serious bacterial infection such as salmonella or a parasitic infection.  For extreme cases, it could be an indication of colon cancer.
  3. When fever is recurrent or would only cease for short time after taking paracetamol, better rush to a clinic. Fever that does not go away is your body’s way of telling you that bad bacterium have taken over your body and that you may be spreading an infectious disease. Health experts say that one who has persistent fever must not wait no longer than 48 hours to have himself properly checked.
  4. Heart disease can show itself through irregularities in sleep. Experts have recently linked that sleep apnea increases the risk of a heart attack or sudden death. Sleep apnea is a momentary episode in sleep wherein breathing briefly stops. The heart compensates for the lack of oxygen resulting for an overworked blood-pumping organ.  Most people do not know they have sleep apnea but their companion may be able to recognize the condition when a snoring partner suddenly takes a long time to breathe in air. If you’ve noted this about your spouse, take them to see a doctor immediately.
  5. Lack of appetite and unexplained weight may sound favorable in the obessed generation but these signal a lot of health problems. Unless one has had drastic stomach surgery or has turned into an exercise buff, a sudden drop of weight might be due to diabetes, stomach cancer, depression, liver disease or a problem in the thyroid.

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