Syrian Government Writes a New Chapter in Crimes Against Humanity

The United Nations Secretary General in a statement said that there was no doubt anymore that the Syrian government was in fact responsible for committing widespread crimes against humanity. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made this statement while addressing the General Assembly. He also emphasized that military intervention by foreign forces was not an answer to help the civilian population of the Arab country. Mr. Ban further reiterated the importance of  the international community speaking as ‘one voice’ as the divisions between their opinions only served to embolden the atrocities of the Syrian government.

UN Human Rights office on Friday shared in a report that there had been reports of  ‘summary executions’ of at least 17 people in Homs. On the other hand Paul Conroy, a photo journalist from the Sunday Times after escaping to Lebanon from Homs told the media that what he witnessed in Baba Amr was ‘systematic slaughter’.

Red Cross Mission Waiting Outside Homs

Meanwhile the ICRC has said that the most adversely affected district, Baba Amr in the besieged city of Homs was still cordoned off by the Syrian troops and humanitarian missions had been disallowed to enter.

Jakob Kellenberger, the head of ICRC said that an aid convoy consisting of food, medical aid and blankets would perch outside Homs in the hope of being allowed access to the besieged district.

A few thousand people remain inside Homs – a city that had a population of about a 100,000. Those who remain stranded are not merely without food supplies and power but also remain at risk of executions and systematic summary killings.

According to an estimate by the United Nations no less than 7,500 people have lost their lives during the 11-month  uprising in the Arab state.


Article publié pour la première fois le 03/03/2012

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