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The writer behind the most memorable and unforgettable “LAST LECTURE” by Randy Pausch lost his life in a car accident. Jeffrey Zaslow was a former columnist for The Wall Street Journal and former advice columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. Article publié pour la première fois le 11/02/2012

Israel Should Watch its Back: Pattern Detected in Terrorist Acts

A powerful blast on the streets of New Dehli tore through an Israeli diplomat’s car injuring one person. While neither the Indian nor Israeli governments have issued any official statement providing details of the incident, many are already sensing a pattern. Earlier today, in a similar incident Georgia police defused a bomb in an Israeli…

A++ Ratings for Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

“Shocked” best describes our reaction to the 2011 Hyundai Sonata. For a car company that built its first original design only in 1975 and arrived in the American market as late as 1985, the new midsize Sonata is electrifyingly good, and it presents a challenge even to the established Japanese brands. Now the South Korean automaker…