Teeth need your care – keep them Shining

Teeth are a set of specialized bones in the jaws with the primary function of breaking food for digestion. Teeth are also a sure sign of health and beauty. They require proper care and attention to stay strong and remain in good condition. Here are 5 tips to keep them shining.

1. Brush every day

Brushing is the most important thing to keep teeth beautiful and healthy. Food tends to stay in the mouth and get stuck in the teeth after meal and ferments if left there. This causes the pH in mouth to change and allows bacteria to infest, causing infections and tooth decay. Brushing not only removes this debris but the toothpaste normalizes the pH.

2. Stop destroying your teeth

If you are drinking soft drinks, smoking or chewing tobacco, don’t expect your teeth to start shining. Soft drinks have corrosive effect and decay teeth, smoking leaves your teeth stained with nicotine and as tobacco contains carcinogenic substances, chewing it causes decay of teeth and causes oral cancer. Alcoholic beverages have the same effect.

3. Start a healthy diet

Diet is very important to supply teeth with what they need. Bones need calcium to remain strong so food such as milk, tofu and fish are really good. Minerals such as potassium, zinc and iron are important for strong bones and calcium absorption. Stick to fruit juices and avoid junk food as it has high sodium levels.

4. Visit the dentist twice a year

It might not seem important but a visit to the dentist is critical as it reveals the health of your teeth and any problems that you might not be aware of. Even if there is no problem with teeth, don’t skip the appointment.

5. Don’t forget to Floss

Flossing is a sure way to remove any leftover particles between the cavities of the teeth that otherwise cause decay. It has been shown that flossing adds up to 2-3 years in life. Be sure to choose a reliable brand that does not do damage to teeth and is effective.

Article publié pour la première fois le 16/10/2012

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