Ten Facts About the Pentagon

The Pentagon is known to the world as the symbol of the U.S. Military.  From the outside, the five-sided structure that exudes power and mystery looks like a high-tech alien base that could flare at the bottom and lift off to space.  One wonders what goes on in the Pentagon with 60 years of monumental decisions made in the secret meeting rooms.  Here’s a look at some more interesting facts about the Pentagon.

  1. The Pentagon is said to have a shopping foyer, plenty of dining areas and cafeterias, banks and a dedicated bus platform and a subway station. The car park alone can hold 8,770 vehicles in the 200-acre lawn.
  2. It houses 31,000 military and civilian workers in the sprawling 6.5-million square-feet of floor area.
  3. The offices are a total of 3.8 million square feet.  In a fairly large workplace, its employees must get a lot of workout from walking.  Unless they secretly use roller blades to get around.
  4. You don’t have to hold it in when you work for the US Military as there are 284 restrooms in the Pentagon.  Separate washroom facilities for Caucasians and African-Americans were required by the law of Virginia and so the construction engineers had to make so many bathrooms.
  5. President Roosevelt ordered that there will be no segregation in the Pentagon.  The Pentagon was the only workplace in Virginia that did not practice racial segregation in the sixties.
  6. There are 200,000 phone calls and a million email messages sent and received in the Pentagon daily.  Would you want to be a phone operator in this facility?
  7. There are 7,000 clocks in the Pentagon.  Either they’re electric clocks or there’s a person in the Pentagon whose task is to keep changing batteries all year long.  It’s probably the same guy who does the 250 bulb replacements each day.
  8. Two-inch glass is used for the windows of the Pentagon. They also don’t open, so technically, they should not be called windows.  For an intelligence facility with that many workers, they haven’t figured out what to call their windows.
  9. The original site of the Pentagon was a swampy wasteland.  After 680,000 tons of sand and gravel molded into the famous architecture, the building was finished in a short 16 months at a total cost of $83 million.

On its 60th anniversary, September 11, 2001, the Pentagon was a target for a terrorist attack.  It caused the death of 125 people in the building.

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