Ten Weirdest Sex Laws in America

Lawmakers in the United States have created the most outrageous laws in the universe.  There are old fashioned laws that date back from the 1800s that don’t make sense at all.  In modern times, there’s a law that prohibit men to wear their pants really low. Someone should tell Justin Beiber about this. A number of states also ban the purchase of cars on Sundays.  There are much other crazy legislation but the oddest ones are the sex laws. Here are some mind-boggling laws in the U.S. about sex, kissing and being naked.

  1.  In Washington D.C., sex positions other than the missionary are all illegal.
  2. In an old law in California, reaching climax during foreplay is against the law.
  3. Sex toys are banned in some states.
  4. Intercourse between unmarried couples is not allowed in Georgia.
  5. In San Antonio, Texas, if you flirt, you can go to jail.
  6. Such a boring sex life for gay people in Cincinnati as anal intercourse is not allowed there. The same is true with people in Indiana because oral sex is banned there.
  7. In Idaho, when making out in public, set your timer for 18 minutes.  If you go beyond that, you can go to jail.  You don’t get much in Halethorpe, Maryland where kissing is for more than one second is a crime.
  8. In Oblong, Illinois, having sex on your wedding day is illegal if you’re also fishing or hunting on the same day.
  9. Men cannot take three swallows of beer while in bed with his wife in Ames, Iowa.
  10. Arizona laws once banned husbands with garlic breath to have sex with their wives.  This is probably a law that a woman legislator passed.

 One could just wonder what kinky acts some individuals did to get the lawmakers to approve these cracked up laws.  Some laws were just plain silly, though. For instance, sleeping naked in Minnesota is prohibited.  In Dyersburg Tennessee, men are not getting laid at all because women cannot call a man for a date.  Someone must have crashed their car while ogling at women because it’s against the law to do that when the car is motion.  It might be better to stop the car and then do the ogling.  In Kalamazoo, Michigan, it’s illegal to serenade your girlfriend.  The loophole to that is it doesn’t prohibit serenading a boyfriend.

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