Great Barrier Reef in jeopardy

The Great Barrier Reef is the one of the largest super organism and included in the Seven Wonders of the World. It is one of the most beautiful natural ecosystem to have graced this planet and is a common tourist site as they flock to The Great Barrier Reef to witness the marvel of this place. It is even visible from outer space.

Recent environmental degradation, global warming and pollution have caused immense damage to it. The coral, being a living organisms is very sensitive to environmental changes and as that factor is now changing with alarming rate around the Great Barrier Reef, it has suffered the worst.

Water quality is rapidly decreasing due to dumping of industrial waste, runoff of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers and untreated sewage into the oceans. This drastically changes the environment and because the Great Barrier Reef is sensitive to minute changes in pH pollutants, this spells disaster.

Global warming increases the temperatures, which kills the symbiotic algae that live with coral and supply it with food that is in the Great Barrier Reef. Because coral can die from 1 Celsius change in temperature, climate is a major factor.

Overfishing causes disruption in the natural food chain of the reef affects all organisms that thrive there. The nets catch sharks, turtles and dolphins which are vital for the survival of the reef. The anchor damages the coral build up. If drastic action is not implemented, The Great Barrier Reef may suffer irreversible damage.

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/10/2012

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