The rain maker, Donnie Decker

There have been many strange people in the world. Some who really existed and some who are a myth. It is said that in 1983, there was a man named Donnie Decker. It is said, once he was visiting a friend’s house when he went into a trance like state, where immediately after, the room was filled with mist and the ceiling began to rain. Sometime later, he was at a restaurant with companions when rain started to pour down their heads, not knowing what to do or how the rain was coming down the ceiling , the owner kicked them out. Donnie was put in jail for some petty crime years later, where his cell began to rain. Now after this strange thing the inmates complained what was going on for which he said that he could control rain, that is he could make it rain where ever he wanted it to. Of course no one believed him so he proved them by making it rain on the jailor who was on duty. This man was is called The rain maker. This is a myth because no one know who Donnie Decker was and Donnie Decker’s current location is unknown and so is the mystery of the mysterious rain. Now it could be true but no one can be sure as a person with a special gift like Donnie does not disappear without leaving a track behind.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/10/2012

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