Timeless Classics to wear

The fashion trends change rapidly. The things you wear confront fashion ins and outs and the loads of your expenditure go wasted. I am not against being trendy since, that’s what you ladies like to be. But I must urge you to add some classics to your wardrobe that never leave the trends.

Let’s have a look at what you should spend, to load your wardrobe with.

1.       Black

It’s a must have clothing that should be added to your collection. When you can’t think of anything to wear, black is the perfect answer. You should also keep black accessories to go along with your dress.

2.       A fitted pair of jeans

Jeans is not just a teens or young’s fashion but it is associated with all generations. It is always a worth, spending your money on the jeans. The tops can be chosen as how you want to go along it just to show your creativity in your looks.

3.       Leather handbags

The leather handbags are always a classic to have. They are perfect accessories to be carried with your dresses, skirts, jeans etc. You should spend well to have this classic. Many ladies like to have handbags in all the possible colors to go with their dressing but some keep a traditional shade to add the taste to their collection.

4.       Pearly ornaments

The pearls are the must be kept accessory to every woman in town. They are the real timeless classics and many ladies are obsessed with them. They are never out of fashion. There are a few choices in colors but the white pearls always look fantastic.

5.       T-shirts with slogans

Simple T-shirts having slogans expressing your own thoughts always look cool on girls. They have been in fashion for quite a long time now and they are expected not to leave it so easily.

6.       High Heels and stilettos

A pair of high heels and stilettos, always look great and have been popular among ladies for centuries. These were once famous for just short heighted women but now they are a necessity for everyone.

7.       Oversized sunglasses

They always looked classy and are a best accessory to hide imperfections along with protecting from sun. They add a style to whatever you wear.

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/02/2012

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