Tools we don’t think about

Tools are something that makes our life easier. Every day we use hundreds of tools. There are some tools that are necessity for us in our life even if we don’t think of them much. A prime example is Duct Tape. We use it for everything, if we break something, we use tape on it, if we tear a page, we use tape on it. It is used for a lot of things in the house. Not only homes but NASA used it to make repairs when they were on the moon and in space.


Another great tool for office is the stapler. It is used every day in ever office in the world. It would be hard to imagine no stapler in the office; it would make simple things a lot harder. Ballpoint Pen is also a very important tool for all of us; it is being use by almost everyone, from kids who are learning how to write, to office clerks, to their managers and even the owners on the business, everyone uses a ballpoint pen. Calculator is also a tool we all use; it is used in every office, shop and most students also use it for in class. Before the invention of a calculator people used to use other instruments that were hard to mistakes were made on them often.


Zipper is another important invention we don’t think about; almost every clothing article has one, from jackets to our pants. Now days it is also being used on head-phones, as they get tangled up so this will prevent it.

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/10/2012

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