Toothpaste and your teeth choose each other

Teeth are bones in the jaws which have sensory nerves connected to the brain and are predominantly used for pre-digestion of food before it enters the alimentary canal. As food tends to get stuck in the teeth, it is very important to brush them every day.

As much as brushing is important, so is your choice of toothpaste. Toothpaste come in a wide variety so there is plenty to choose from. Teeth are sensitive to various factors, so they must be accounted for when choosing your brand.

Teeth are especially sensitive to pH. The average pH of mouth is near 7 but changes from person to person due to secretion of enzymes. As toothpaste changes pH, it must be noted that what the strength of toothpaste you are using.

Certain people suffer from allergy or sensitive to compounds that can be found in toothpaste such as fluoride. Care must be taken to read the ingredients and choose accordingly.

Diet is also a major component of toothpaste specificity. Smokers and tobacco chewers have to use s

tronger and harsher toothpaste formula to

undo the damage to teeth. People who are suffering from illness, allergy or wound in the oral cavity should consult a doctor before choosing their brand of toothpaste.


Article publié pour la première fois le 16/10/2012

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