Top 10 female style icons of all time

1.       Audrey Hepburn
Hepburn has been an idol for style and elegance to the world both on and off the screen. Her fashion sense was influenced by none other than herself. She had a memorable stance when she wore the men’s-style button-down in “Roman Holiday” with a long skirt and flat sandals. She introduced Jo Stockton’s capri pants, belle flats, “little black dress” in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and of course the oversized sunglasses.

2.       Princess Diana
The only real person whose sense of style and fashion transformed as she gained the spotlight after she married Prince Charles is Princess Diana. She introduced modest high-collared dresses and not forgetting Dallas-era power suits. She influenced not only her admirers but the famous designers also. Her style still lives.

3.       Madonna
The material girl, Madonna is not only stylish but fearless too. Her attitude is the root of her style making her a style icon of all time. She introduced a bunch of new items to her followers; fingerless gloves, stacks of jelly bracelets, a funky treasure trove of jewelry and a perfectly stitched crucifix.

4.       Jackie Kennedy Onassis
No wife of a politician before her has ever managed to gain so much fame in fashion or being a style icon. Her outfits have been focused by many designers. He used to wear Empire-waist gowns, sensible heels, gloves and streamlined suits with knee-length skirts and a three quarter sleeves which gave her a unique sense of style.

5.       Kate Moss
The British model, Kate Moss when started an advertising campaign of Calvin Klein, she ignited an obsession for fragile models. She was also crowned the best-dressed person in the 90s after having a majority of votes.

6.       Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel an influential French Fashion designer, also the founder of the brand “Chanel”, gained a lot of fame for her silhouette and streamlined elegance. She had a remarkably elegant taste in the fashion sensibility.

7.       Marilyn Monroe
The blond Marilyn Monroe famous for her sensuality had a lot of fashion traits that made her a classic in the fashion icons. The stilettos she wore used to have a slightly different style that added to her unique walking style.  She had some of the most iconic outfits paired with lots of jewels, pearls and diamonds which were her greatest affection.

8.     Michelle Obama

She is a forward thinker in her dressing sense. She has been in spot light for her longtime love for fashion after Jackie O. after her husband became the president of United States.

9.     Grace Kelly

Kelly remained a style icon after she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 50’s. Whatever she wore, either a gown and tiara, or capris and a button-down, she had an appealing appearance. She introduced a crocodile bag by Hermes in fashion.

10.    Debbie Harry

Not even her music rocked the world; her fashion instincts were also famous. Skin-tight, high-waist black jeans, leather jackets, ripped-up tights and all manner of beat-up rocker tees were all introduced into fashion.

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/02/2012

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