Top 10 Weird Perception of Sexy


The world likes variety, and that applies to sex appeal. Some men like blonde women, while girls are drawn to dark and tall men.  Then there are the strange kinds of attraction.  Here’s an earful of weird things that look sexy to some.

  1. There are those who find the gapped front teeth charming. This dental imperfection is possessed by celebrities too, and it added to their character.  It did look cute on Madonna when she was still the Borderline girl.  People are memorable for that uncommon child-like smile, just like the beautiful True Blood star Anna Paquin.
  2. Some men find chubby women attractive.  In fact, being fat is celebrated in some cultures namely in Tonga, Kuwait, Jamaica, among a few.  Skinny Asian girls are deemed unhealthy by traditional Greek women who think that having wide hips is good for bearing children.
  3. Some tall girls would like to live among the cute Hobbits in the Shire, if only it existed.  Small men have strong attractive qualities. Women think that short men are funny and more caring than tall men.
  4. Men with large noses are included in the list of weird attraction.  Women can’t explain it but large noses make them blush. The same is true with some men who find proportionally unbalanced faces beautiful. A classic example is Angelina Jolie’s thick and wide lips.
  5. Somehow some people find sarcasm attractive.  It’s a sign of power, and that is a good thing to be attracted to. This is probably how antagonists in the movies get a lot of followers.
  6. In some countries, young boys with braces are considered attractive by the teenage girls.  But if it’s a girl wearing braces, she has to do a lot more than lipstick to be seen pretty.
  7. Freckles are also considered attractive by some as long as there are no over-sized prescription glasses to take the cuteness to geeky.
  8. Hair is a number one category on determining someone’s sex appeal.  People who sport wildly colored hair, namely purple, green and pink are considered very attractive.
  9. It’s not just about the way they look, it’s also what people do.  Holding a guitar is attractive.  Playing it and singing, gives you more sexy points.
  10. In Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture, being a submissive, helpless girl attracts men. It’s probably the same for other cultures dominated by machismo.

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/07/2013

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