Top 3 Survival Tools for the Doomsday Prepper


It is quite a paranoia for some people to anticipate the world’s end with so many theories of impending catastrophes that are supposed to occur all at the same time tomorrow.  Doomsday preppers do give us an insight of survival in a not-so-ideal situation and they do teach us that preparation always pays. Meanwhile, gadgets and what-not that can be included in a survival kit are getting popular. They’re getting more compact, sturdier and they seem pretty effective tools for whatever pandemic jeopardy one could get into.  Here are some of the things that a doomsday prepper might want to include in his emergency survival rucksack.

  1. Your very own water filtration tool will come in very handy in a disastrous event.  There are a few portable water filtration products that promise to effectively purify and refine any type of liquid to produce fresh-tasting water.  The filter is built in an ergonomic and portable vessel that works as a filter and a dispenser at the same time.  It was first created for mountaineers and eventually, adventure-seeking outdoor sportsmen embraced the product.  Now those who await the end of the world can have a little bit of peace of mind knowing that they can filter their pee when there’s nothing else to drink.
  2. Canned food will be the best option of sustenance for survivors but most of these edibles are not made to last more for than two years.  One type of food called Emergency Chili Mac stands out from the thousands of canned food in the market.  Emergency Chili Mac has a shelf life of 25 years.  One might also want to take the saltshaker, the sugar jar, honey and alcohol in the emergency bag. These can be stored more than 10 years.  This is how Brandon Frasier and his family survived in the movie Blast From the Past.
  3. Canned food needs to be heated and the only ways to do that is to sit on it, or heat it over fire.  Surely matches will be hard to come by when the whole world floods.  An innovation called Swedish FireSteel is a tool for building fire in any kind of weather.  Its mechanism includes a magnesium alloy consisting of 7 metals that can altogether produce sparks with a temperature of a staggering 3,000°C. The bright spark can also be used as an emergency signal, or a blinding tool against zombies.

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