Top 5 Causes of Death in America

What follows are the top 5 causes of death in America and knowing these reasons can actually help you to take steps to avoid becoming just one of the statistics. The chances are that none of the following reasons will actually come as a surprise and with a large percentage of people dying from them on a yearly basis they will probably be the top five reasons for some time to come.

1. Heart Disease
Statistics show that in 2009 almost 600,000 people in America died of heart disease and it is also a fact that African Americans have a higher death rate from it than any other ethnic group. This figure has actually dropped due to people being more aware of their health, but there is still some work to do if less people are going to die from issues related to their heart.

2. Malignant Tumors
Malignant tumors accounted for almost 550,000 deaths a few years ago, but this increase in number may be down to the fact that we now know more about cancer than ever before. There are over 200 types of cancer and it can basically affect any part of the body, but with better drugs and taking better care of ourselves we can lower the chances of dying from it.

3. Lung Disease
Lung disease is responsible for around 140,000 deaths a year and most of this is related to smoking leading to chronic lung problems. Clearly this figure is also dropping as less people are now smoking, but if you want to avoid dying from it, then stop smoking straight away.

4. Brain Disease
By brain disease what is meant are illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and almost 130,000 people die from this on a yearly basis. This number is actually expected to increase due to the fact that more of us are living longer, but with better medical care we should get to a point where we can stop the progression of brain disease and reverse the trend.

5. Accidents
Accidents are the fifth main cause of death in America and it is estimated that approximately 120,000 people die as the result of one each year. This figure does cover every type of accident and the figure has actually increased over the last decade with the reasons for this as yet unknown. It, therefore, makes sense to take more care over things in order to avoid being a statistic.
So those are the top 5 reasons of death in America and you can see that it is possible to do things in order to lower the chances of you dying from one of them at some point in the future. Look after your health and change your life because by doing so you may just live that little bit longer as a result.

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