Chocolate and its Top 5 myths busted

While we all know chocolate is a symbol of goodness and rich flavor, some find it pretty repulsive.

Here are the top 5 myths about chocolate busted.

1. Chocolate causes turbulence in cholesterol levels

Although its true chocolate is rich in cocoa butter which is the main source of saturated fat but most of it comes from stearic acid. Studies have revealed that in some people chocolate counters bad cholesterol levels so don’t give up this treat just because someone says so.

2. Chocolate sugar results hyperactivity

Despite the accusation, more than a dozen studies have failed to show any connection to uncontrolled excitement after eating chocolate. Mostly it’s the environment or just the hardline perception parents have.

3. Aphrodisiac!

Well mostly it’s the psychological effect the substance brings because most research regarding this subject did not show sufficient evidence that chocolate pumps your sex drive.

4. Acne is caused by chocolate

Chocolate even in hefty amounts can never trigger an acne outbreak. According to research, diet does not contribute to acne

treatment and even in teen acne, chocolate is safe to consume.

5. Consuming chocolate raises 

stress levels

On the contrary, some 11/2 ounce of dark chocolate daily for two weeks can drastically lower hormone stress levels of people suffering from tension.

Article publié pour la première fois le 06/10/2012

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