Alcohol and Top 5 most drunk nations

1. Ireland 

Alcohol consumption: 14.2 liters per capita per year

Drinking in Ireland is a custom as old as time itself and if you witness any saints day which happens to occur each month, you will never question the drinking capabilities of an Irishman.

2. Finland

Alcohol consumption: 9.9 liters per capita per year

While people of Ireland get the top spot, there is another country whose people are gaga when it comes to binge drinking. Drinking is so frequent that it is amongst the top killers, beating cancer and cardiovascular diseases which are very notorious in such European countries

3. England

Alcohol consumption: 10.4 liters per capita per year

When it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages, English people are known to fuddle to the extremes. Alcohol is infamous in England as many deaths owing to liver failure are caused by it.

4. Russia

Alcohol  consumption: 9.29 liters per capita per year

Russians are professionals when it comes to boozing and getting wasted and the drink is vodka. Vodka is a Russian word and the main source of alcohol in the country. Vodka is also concocted with beer for cocktails.

5. Australia

Pure alcohol consumption: 9.8 liters per capita per year

Australia has always been in the top 10, fluctuating with Ireland and Germany since 1970. Buying rounds and shouting in the pubs is an everyday routine for Aussie binge drinkers. The only requisite for you in this land is a drinking buddy.

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