Creatine and its Top 5 myths and Facts revealed

Although creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid and a vital component for muscle contractions, it is sold in the market in powder form under various brands. It works by breaking ADP (adenosine diphosphate) back to ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the unit of energy for human body. It is often used by people with robust physiques as they are in constant need of energy.

1. Anabolic steroids work same as creatine

Steroids are banned by most sports associations including the Olympics as they simulate testosterone. However creatine is not prohibited but is used frequently.


2. Creatine supplements are bad for the digestive system

Although is true but occurs in rare cases. Experts say only a 4-5 percent of users experienced such complications.


3. Muscle mass will be lost if Creatine users discontinue supplements.

It is absolutely a myth as studies have clearly shown that as long as you do work outs after gaining muscle mass, you will not lose it even if you halt supplements.


4. Excessive use of creatine is a health risk.

It’s a fact that any food substance taken in excess is not beneficial for your health. Besides, creatine can only build your muscles to an extent and beyond that it’s a waste of money and time.


5. Creatine is compatible with people of all diets.

This is also true but meat eaters will respond better to the creatine supplements than vegetarians and semi-vegetarians as meaty diets boost muscle fiber.

Article publié pour la première fois le 06/10/2012

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