Top 5 Dont’s for Valentines Day

For all those who are celebrating their Valentine’s Day, beware of scaring your loved ones away by giving them the casual gifts. We don’t want any disappointments on your special day so here is a list of gifts you should definitely not give to your valentine.

The gift that  tops the list of dont’s for Valentines and which is going to shock you is the usual bouquet of red roses. Well, surely you didn’t think it would be a turn-off but even then say a big ‘NO’ to roses on Valentines. There are a variety of flowers out there, why not pick some thing that defines your love?

Next we have the assorted chocolates! Come on people what is into you all – chocolates, seriousy? They’re an everyday gift item for your loved ones. You don’t want to return home with something ordinary, now do you?

Up on third place is a gift that personally puts me off. Yes! You’ve guessed it right: a stuffed toy engraved with “I LOVE YOU”. Sure, they’re really cute but they’re a HUGE NO for Valentine’s Day. It’s time to grow out of our teens and innovate!

How does a perfume say “I LOVE YOU”? If you want your Valentine to be happy with you, don’t give any kind of cologne, its romantic but it doesn’t say “I LOVE YOU” or “BE MINE”.

The fifth and final item which has made its way to our list of 5-Don’ts-for-Valentines-Day is a tie. Gear yourselves up ladies, there is so much more than giving your guy a tie on one of the most special days of the year. Do something magical to make your man be the one to be swept off his feet!

So girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen bring out your creativity to show how much you love your valentine. Come up with memorable gifts and break the cliches.

Article publié pour la première fois le 14/02/2012

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