Top 5 Highly Paid Actors Of Hollywood

Being in Hollywood, you always have to make clever and smart choices while picking up your next big hit.  You can never know how big your film will go until it hits the big screen.  It’s like gambling and once you get your big hit, all eyes are on you for making bigger hits. Here are the top 5 highest paid actors in Hollywood.

1.       Leonardo DiCaprio – $77 million

He stole away many hearts with his big appearance in “Titanic”, 1997. He was away from the screen for few years and was back with The Beach.  In 2002, he starred in Gangs of New York and Catch Me If You Can. He he did a few films which were blockbusters and chose to work with the best directors in the industry, he had a reputation to maintain and was back with Shutter Island and Inception which made him the highest paid actor of Hollywood. He stands at the top with a figure of $77 million.

2.       Johnny Depp – $50 million

At second place with a worth of $50 million we have Johnny Depp, another heart breaker.  He is another actor who gained popularity at a young age through his TV show, 21 Jump Street.  His choice of movies was clever too as he picked up Pirates of the Caribbean.  His character as Captain Jack Sparrow was a big hit and famous like every other Disney Character.

3.       Adam Sandler – $ 40 million

Next we have the comedian Adam Sandler who has starred in Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Water boy, Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds and Grown Ups. He stands at the 3 place in the top 5 highest paid actors of Hollywood with an earning of $40 million.

4.       Will Smith – $ 36 million

Our 4th highly paid actor of Hollywood who is a rap singer as well is Will Smith.  He got popularity from Pursuit of Happiness and Seven Pounds for which he had nominations. He earned from the sci-fi comedy Men in Black 3 which is yet to be released.

5.       Tom Hanks – $ 35 million

With just a little difference in number, we have Tom Hanks on the 5th place.  Even though his film Larry Crowne was not a huge hit, his latest film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close did really well at the box office and is also nominated for two Academy Awards.

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/02/2012

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