Top 5 ignored healthy foods


Celery is one of the most under-eaten vegetable and has a bad reputation among children. This outlook is laughable among expert dietitians as celery is anti-blood pressure and contains compounds that enhance blood flow without intake of almost any calories.








Despite being an admired source of wholesome goodness in countries such as Japan and Korea, seaweed hasn’t gained much popularity in America. As a fiber rich grub, seaweed is famous for its complete protein content and is used for treating obesity and blood pressure among patients.








Like cannabis, hemp seeds are also used for medicinal purposes. Moreover, hemp seeds are rich in proteins but unlike most plant proteins these have all essential amino acids as well as fatty acids in healthy proportions. Hemp seeds are also rich in antioxidants and minerals such as Magnesium, iron, and potassium.








Dark meat is rich in vitamins and minerals compared to white meat. However, to most people the choice of white meat against dark isn’t in respect to this disparity but rather has to do with palates and amount of fats. Although, dark meat contains more fatty acids than white meat, its most fats are unsaturated heart friendly and the difference in amount of calories per ounce of dark and white meat are almost negligible (8 ounces).








Lentils are edible pulses rich in disease fighting anti-oxidants and among legumes and nuts, lentils come in the third-highest spot of protein by weight. But the most important thing about lentils is that it is cheap and easily available in many parts of the world.











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