Top 5 Most Common Mistakes People Make On The First Date

There are many mistakes that people make on their first date. Below are 5 most common mistakes people make on a first date.

1. Showing up late: This is by far one of the most common mistakes people make on their first date. It is very wrong to show up late on your first date regardless of the reason/s. You must plan ahead to deal with common events that cause lateness i.e. traffic, bad weather e.t.c. It is better to show up early than late on your first date.

2. Poor etiquette: This is also a common mistake on the first date. Most people don’t take time to learn proper etiquette thus end up making etiquette mistakes i.e. talking with food in your mouth, laughing loudly, staring, using offensive language (cursing) e.t.c. Such poor etiquette can ruin the chances of having a successful first date thus one must learn and practice proper etiquette on the first date.

3. Being too personal: First dates should not be too personal. Many people become too personal on the first date which shouldn’t be the case. For instance, you shouldn’t declare your love for a person on the first date. Also, you shouldn’t ask about a person’s sexuality/sexual experiences on the first date. Such personal questions can cost you a future partner. Instead, you should focus on knowing the interests of your date and sharing yours with them. This will avoid the awkwardness brought about by being too personal.

4. Paying attention to other things: This is also a common mistake many people make on their first date. You should give your date 100% attention if you want to increase your chances of success. Avoid destruction i.e. receiving phone calls, staring at other women, chatting on your phone e.t.c. Such destruction portray lack of seriousness and/or immaturity which are trivial traits that your date won’t like or appreciate.

5. Taking about yourself too much: Some people don’t actually notice that talking too much, especially about yourself can be sometimes irritating. It isn’t bad to talk about yourself and your accomplishments when asked to do so however you must strike a balance to avoid boring your date or appearing arrogant and self-centered. Your focus should be on knowing your date and not showing off how good you are by talking about yourself the whole time.

Article publié pour la première fois le 05/11/2012

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