Top 5 Most Eligible Bachelors

The world is full of hunky, absolutely to-die-for-good-looking-bachelors. So what if they seem to be a little out-of-bounds owing to their larger than life careers?! There certainly is no harm in spending a few moments ogling at their handsome faces and finding out what makes them so, absolutely eligible!

So, in no particular order, here is Knowzzle’s list of the 5 most eligible bachelors in the world!

Chris Colfer

Sorry ladies, this 22-year old Glee star is not for you! Colfer, who has been named on Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World is openly gay. Nevertheless, the fact that he has achieved the status of a serious actor at such a young age, has a Golden Globe win to his name and has demonstrated sensitivity and intellect both through his acting and formal interactions at various forums definitely make him a very eligible bachelor.

Prince Harry

The fact that Prince Williams is now a happily married man makes his younger brother, Prince Harry of Wales take his spot. Born to royalty, this 28-year-old charmer chose military training over a lavish university education and spent 77 days serving in the front line at the Afghan war. A prince and a war hero – certainly a perfect recipe to qualify on the list of the world’s most eligible bachelors!

Leonardo DiCaprio

This actor with his aqua blue eyes and drop-dead-gorgeous looks stole many hearts in 1997 when he rose to fame by playing the role of the doomed lover, Jack Dawson in Titanic. Although some 15 years have passed since but this 37 year-old still remains one of the most sought out bachelors in Hollywood.

Justin Timberlake

At the age of 31 Timberlake has undoubtedly achieved more than many men his age. He is a successful singer, song-writer, actor and businessman with 6 Grammys and 4 Emmys on his resume, making him one of the most commercially successful artists of our age. The fact that he’s still single certainly makes him a worthy candidate on our list.

Mark Zuckerburg

No list rounding up eligible bachelors can be complete without the inclusion of one of the youngest billionaires of our time – the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. This 27-year-old computer programmer cum internet entrepreneur has managed to accumulate personal wealth worth $17.5 billion. However, it is not merely wealth but also his connection to numerous social causes that make him a man worth getting a commitment from! Along with fellow billionaires, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in December 2010, Zuckerberg signed a promise known as the ‘Giving Pledge’ according to which he would donate at least half of his wealth to charity over the course of time.

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