Top 5 Most Expensive Weddings

Ever girl wishes to have the best wedding and they start planning the it years before the actual day. Right from the menu to the color theme, shoes to the hair style, dress to the make-up, and venue to the guest list, everything is constantly planned and re-planned in her head for years. And just like that a single day ceremony can cost you up to millions. Here is a glimpse of the top 5 most expensive weddings of the world.

1. Prince Charles and Lady Diana – $ 110 million

No one can forget the most lavish, “fairytale” royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1981. The wedding was worth $48 million and after adjusting the inflation the number rises to $ 110 million. It was the first ever marriage to get a global television audience of 750 million people and had 2 million spectators. Princess Diana’s wedding dress was also the most expensive dress ever to have been made, costing £9000. And then there was the five-foot-high wedding cake with 27 other cakes. It took the chefs 14 weeks to complete the order.

2. Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal – $ 60 million

The second most expensive wedding took place after more than 20 years of the first in 1982. Vanisha Mittal is the only daughter of the business tycoon Lakshmi Mittal. Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal’s wedding took place at the Palace of Versailles in France. The wedding was celebrated for five days which included a performance by Kylie Minogue. The invitations sent were made of 20 silver pages. The Mittals arranged for the jet and accommodations of all the guests in Paris. One of the finest wines Mouton Rothschild was offered atthe wedding and jewelry bags were gifted to the guests.

3. Prince William and Kate Middleton – $34 million

At number 3, we have another expensive royal wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton, which took place last year. Kate Middleton dress was worth $388, 088 along with the cake costing $80,000. The cost of the flowers was $800,000. Sadly, most of the budget was covered by the security arrangements at the wedding.

4. Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin – $8 million

Rooney married her secondary school sweetheart in 2008. Their wedding was a four day celebration and the reception took place at a medieval abbey near Portofino. They booked a flight and invited guests to Genoa for a ball on a lavish yatch costing $120 mi.

5. Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton – $5 million

Finally, at number five we have the wedding of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter. Chelsea Clinton married her childhood friend Marc Mezvinsky in 2010. Their venue was the most expensive amounting to $5 million covering just the cost of the air-conditioned tents. The cake was worth $11,000 and Chelsea wore a Vera Wang gown on her big day. She pronounced Marc Mezvinsky as her husband in front of 500 guests.

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