Top 5 Reasons People Get the Urge to Kill

The urge to kill is the result of overpowering anger or frustration. When people are confronted by failure of his great expectation, either they hurt themselves or kill another. Killing is the ultimate destructive outlet in these rages. Here are some explanations of why people get that compulsion to kill.

Hate crime is a leading reason in the police record of criminal incidents. It could be triggered by religious, racial, political and even gender beliefs. These are committed by people least expected to kill anyone. The most famous racist was Adolf Hitler who initiated the holocaust of the World War and put 60 million Jews to death in the Nazi ghettos by working them to death or by large-scale genocide.

Powerlessness is often perceived as loss in a battle and man copes up through vengeance. Self-defense is a form of getting back at the instigator but this is only acceptable when proven that it was to protect oneself from the criminal. Vengeance is man’s way to getting his power back and it is an utmost display of his animalistic qualities.

Homicides due to mental illness have risen over the past years. Extreme transgressions attract a lot of attention and it seems to add to deranged murderers’ success. Social background of the perpetrators will show unbalanced upbringing with either over-sheltering or a complete absence of affection from his parents. The repression and pent up anger will be triggered at one point in the adult life once they have access to weapons or any means of destruction.

While love can move a mountain, jealousy, obsession and passion are just as powerful factors to cause death. People driven by murderous rage caused by desperation over a loved one have underlying abandonment issues. In the course of adulthood, scarcity rules their belief and the thought of one person to give them security for the rest of eternity can take a toll and even lead to crime of passion.

Finally, money tops the reasons for murder. Economy rules lives, and even death. Since the dawn of civilization, kings and nobles have been murdered for power and money. In the modern times, an insurance policy, a Beverly Hills mansion or a big thriving business are the possessions to covet through murder.

Man and animals were born with the same basic survival instincts: eating, sleeping and procreating. What sets man apart as a special animal is his ability to control himself. Amid the world of great contrasts and challenges, the hope lies in man’s power of self-control. Without it, man can all just go back in the caves to live and die like animals.

Article publié pour la première fois le 31/12/2012

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