Top 5 Sexiest Men Alive

Here are the celebrities who have made to our list of the Top 5 Sexiest Men in the world!!

1.     Johnny Depp

Yes, it is none other than Captain Black Sparrow at the top. Johnny Depp has stolen many hearts worldwide and remains the sexiest man alive.  This Golden Globe winner previously has been awarded the title of the sexiest man by People’s Magazine twice.

2.   Brad Pitt

At second place we have another heartthrob Brad Pitt. He is one of the world’s most attractive men having topped ‘Good-Looks’ polls numerous times.  He has been nominated for quite a few times for Academy Award and Golden Globe Awards wining a Golden Globe once.

3.   Enrique Iglesias

Next we have the famous Spanish singer, song writer and actor Enrique Iglesias. He has not been only blessed with an amazing voice but extremely sexy looks as well. He has won many awards including 16 Billboard Music Awards, a Grammy and 7 World Music Awards.

4.   David Beckham

At number four is the hot British soccer player David Beckham. He has been the runner-up of FIFA World Player of the Year twice and was the world’s highest paid player once.

5.    George Clooney

At the fifth place we have another heart breaker, George Clooney. Though he has grown old and is grey haired but still is considered one of the sexiest men alive. He won an Academy Award once and Golden Globe Award thrice.

Article publié pour la première fois le 23/02/2012

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