Top 5 terrifying museums of the world

1. The Purgatory Museum







In the Prati district of Rome there is a museum that is famous for having imprints and messages from the dead…. and by that I mean dead that came back from purgatory.

2.  Mutter Museum












Ever heard of a medical museum? Well, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has got one – the Mutter Museum. This strange place appears to be the secret lab of Dr. Frankenstein. Its shelves can boast about a colon that contained nearly 40 pounds of human faeces and President Grover’s malignant tumor recovered from his hard palate

3. Museum of Anatomy








This museum is guaranteed to send cold chills up your spine. The Museum of Anatomy contains skinned bodies of children, executed criminals and skulls of psychiatric patients.

4. Madame Tussauds












The only requisite for entering this museum is a clean pair of underwear because when it comes to recreational amusement, Madame Tussauds in London takes the top spot. Having a collection of more than 400 wax figures, the museum contains gruesome images of the French revolution and the infamous wax head of the last King of France.

5. Lombroso’s Museum of Criminal Anthropology













This museum gets even scarier when the head of its pioneer Cesare Lombroso is seen perfectly preserved in a bottle of formaldehyde. Located in Torino, Italy, this museum has the body of Giuseppe Villela dissected by Lombroso himself and souvenirs of criminal history such as the skulls of punished criminals.

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