Top 5 vital dietary supplements

Fish Oil









Diets with fish oil are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil helps maintain good cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure. Half a gram daily can do your heart a big favor.

Psyllium Husk










Among the five fibers approved by FDA, psyllium husk does more than your average colon cleansing but is also a hunger suppressor. Studies have confirmed that healthy intake of psyllium husk each day can help lower bad cholesterol levels and inhibit ghrelin, which is infamous for making you hungry.










This antioxidant is not only a cardio booster but also improves your body endurance. Studies have shown that taking half a gram twice a day can increase your workout capacity by 3% so why not switch to this stuff instead of wasting money on heavy workout supplements.









Knee osteoarthritis is one bad disorder we all know about. This disorder has claimed careers of many young sport stars. Well, Glucosamine can be the answer to this disorder! According to various researches, it has emerged that by taking 11/2 of glucosamine in your daily diet, symptoms of osteoarthritis can be alleviated.

Vitamin C









Men who desire to remain robust and active as they age should never doubt the power of vitamin C. Free radicals are molecules released when our body metabolizes during workout. These molecules are harmful to cells and tissues of the body but a healthy intake of Vitamin protects your cells from damage. Citrus fruits and sweet brussels sprouts are rich sources of vitamin C.

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