5 Worst Award Show Hosts Ever

Not everything turns out to be best and perfect as on the paper. Even after rehearsals and long days of practice, it has to be a big showdown on the day its happening live. The best of best can turn out to be the worst and it’s not a rule that hosts steal away the show every time they host a show. To reach the top one has to go through the worst as well. Here we have the 5 worst hosts for awarding shows.



Oscars 1994: David Letterman

At the top we have David Letterman. Who would have thought that David Letterman would be a worst award show host? Even thou he is an American television host and comedian since 1982, he had made blunders and worst one is when he hosted the Oscars in 1994.


Emmys 2008: Jeff Probst

Reality show idea might be good for television but surely it wasn’t the best idea for the Emmy’s 2008.  In 2008 Emmy’s five hosts were picked up from different reality shows which included Tom Bergeron from Dancing with the Stars, Heidi Klum from Project Runway, Jeff Probst from Survivor, Ryan Seacrest from American Idol and Howie Mandel from Deal or No Deal. Their plan was to open the show spontaneously. Jeff Probst was at his worst that night but he won the award for the Best Reality show host.


MTV Video Music Awards 2010: Chelsea Handler

Even though in the opening of MTV Video Music Awards, 2010 Chelsea Handler said she was sober for a week due to her hosting responsibility, she couldn’t fool the audience for long. Her humor even though made no sense, the show had 11.4 million viewers making it MTV’s 3rd most watched awards.


Oscars 2011: James Franco

The Oscars 2011 had the youngest ever hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway. There was no chemistry between them and the jokes were lame, often there was no reaction from the audience. The idea of picking young hosts was to attract more audience but alas had the lowest rating in the history of Oscars.


Oscars 2005: Chris Rock

The opening by Chris Rock in the Oscars of 2005 was great but as the show was moving forward, his energy and sense of humor was decreasing. Some were offended at Rock’s order to the audience to take their seats after they gave me a standing ovation.

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