Top Most Dangerous Habits

You are what you do. Our habits define who we are; they draw the periphery in which resides our true self – our real disposition. They become a part of our being, so much so that our habits come naturally to us. As Agatha Christie very aptly puts it: “Curious things, habits. People themselves never knew they had them”.

As habits are such an integral part of our disposition, it is absolutely crucial that we are conscious about the “not-so-good” ones, for they not only could be detrimental to our well-being; they are capable of proving fatal. According to recent research, scientists and psychologists have listed the top most damaging habits, that we should avoid and try to curb at all costs;

Not Getting Enough Sleep

According to statistical data, back in the 1960s, an average individual slept 8 hours, but today’s figure has tumbled to 6.5 hours. We are getting less and sleep due to the accelerated pace of life which keeps us increasingly busy. To cap it all, more and more people suffer from all kinds of sleep disorders (many of which are stress related). As the sleep debt piles up, so does our stress. Avoid this vicious circle at all costs and ensure that you manage to take at least 8 hours of sound, dedicated sleep each night.

Obsessing Over Weight Issues

Being overly diet and figure conscious can lead to plethora of problems. Feeling guilty and frustrated because of your own inability to complete a diet program can push you to take on even more strict plans, resulting in suffering from constant hunger (and often – from the lack of essential nutrients). This could lead to all sorts of psychological problems such as anxiety, emotional discomfort, feeling of inadequacy, negative complexes and even depression. Just remember, no matter what your weight is, you’re beautiful!

Detailed Analysis

In other words, it is called the syndrome of “excessive love of detail.” Of course, before you start working on a project, it is necessary to analyse, decide what methods of work would be most appropriate and only then proceed to take action. But here the main thing is to not get hung up. Yes, of course, you should always see a “picture” of the final result but do not spend so much time at this stage that the actual execution of work suffers leading eventually to frustrations for you.

The bright side of the picture is that it’s never too late to self-evaluate and correct. Change is always positive and a change in bad habits can lead to a change in life. :)

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/02/2012

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