Top Ten Android Apps Of 2011

Since its launch in 2008, Android has taken the world by storm. With plenty of development and plethora of apps available, Android has become one of the most popular platform for smartphone users. In just a couple of years, the Google’s giant has challenged the supremacy of Apple’s juggernaut (iOS) and is giving it a very tough time.

Anyway, here we have compiled some of the best Android Apps of 2011. Their respective Android Market links have also been attached so that you can also download the app which you find appealing.


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In this age of “recession”, every penny you save is every penny you earn and GasBuddy ensures that you earn as much as possible. This handy app gives you the list of all the gas stations in you vicinity along with the price they are charging so that you should refill your vehicle with the cheapest available option. The best part is that this app is totally free so give it a try whenever you can.

Currently, this app is only available in US and Canada.

Open Table

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Looking for the best place to have a romantic dinner with your partner? Find all the options that are available in your area and then choose the best one according to your requirements and style. Once you have made your mind, make a reservation with just a “tap”. And mind you, this app doesn’t demand anything to let you choose the perfect option.

Adobe Photoshop Express

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Adobe Photoshop Express gives you the flexibility to give a professional touch to the photos that you have captured with your smartphone’s camera. It comes with a nice package of tools that lets you easily modify your pics without any fuss. So if you want to impress your peers with your “professional photography skills”, this app is worth of a try. Personal Finance

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Get your budget organize with Mint, a free app that lets you keep a check on your overall budgetary expenditures. Just input your income sources and expenses once and the app keeps you in-touch with your credit situation.

Barcode Scanner

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For shopping freaks, Barcode Scanner is a must have app. Whenever you are in your local store wondering whether the product you are considering to purchase is worth purchasing, call the app for help. Let it scan the barcode or QR code of the product and I will give you the reviews (of the product) along with other availability options. So use Barcode Scanner and become get yourself registered in the list of elite shoppers.


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Want to make a certain part of your favorite song as ringtone? Let Ringdroid do the job for you. This useful app lets you make your own stock of personalized ringtones by clipping a part of an MP3 or by recording new ones via your phone’s mic. So why stick with those boring stock-tones when you can have your own collection of killer-tones considering the fact that app doesn’t cost you a single dime.

The Weather Channel

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Weather Channel lets you know which day you can wear your favorite pair of shorts or when you have to look for your umbrella. The app gives you a complete forecast of your area (based on your GPS chip) along with weather updates incase Mother Nature decides to show its fury.

Google Translate

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Get ready, its time to impress your Chinese girlfriend with your “Chinese Language skills”. Don’t worry; we are, not at all, suggesting that you should enroll in some sort of language learning program. What we are suggesting is to give a try to Google Translate. Just speak the word or phrase that you want to be translated and let Google Translate do the magic for you. The apps can do the job for 60 different languages and is totally free of cost.


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Wondering about the soundtrack that is being played at your favorite radio station? Just give Shazam a try. Let it hear the track for few seconds and whoalla, the info of the track is right in-front of you. Now the app also plays full-screen lyrics when you tag a song to it so a must try considering the fact that the app doesn’t care how heavy your wallet is (the app is free in simple words).

Kayak Flight and Hotel Search

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If you are a travel junky and in-love with airplanes, Kayak Flight and Hotel Search should be installed on your Android-powered smartphones. This app will give you the flexibility to search for multiple airlines for best ticket deals. You can also lookout for affordable hotel destinations and car rentals in any city so that you can have the best travel experience. Next time when you choose Hawaii as your holiday destination, give Kayak a try to have a hassle-free experience.

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