Top Ten Most Anticipated Tech updates of 2012

1. Apple iPhone 5


The apple iPhone 5, is the most wanted device of 2012 as it features a bigger screen a more powerful A6 chip, and an all new design.


2. Samsung Galaxy S III








The successor to the previous king of the android world; Galaxy S II. The Galaxy S III features an all new OS, A massive 4.8″ screen and a quad core chip set that can take over big games very very easily.

3. Apple iPad 3


The successor to the iPad 2, the iPad 3 gives away all of its new features with 4G and LTE capabilities very easily.

4. Quad core mobile devices



This is the era of quad core mobile devices which feature a quad cpu and gpu for faster speeds and more 3d rendering capabilities.

5. Xbox 360 updates and New OS


Microsoft’s flagship gaming console will have an all new OS update and will feature some new things.


6. Facebook Timeline


Facebook timeline is here. That means there is more to get to with your facebook.

7. PlayStation Vita


PlayStation portable provides a new gaming tablet for this specific segment.

8. Windows 8

After the success of windows 7 the guys at Microsoft are going to launch their new product the windows 8.

 9. Apple HDTV

Apple should concentrate more on their latest upcoming product the apple HDTV

10. Wii U


An All new gaming platform for the young and restless.


Article publié pour la première fois le 01/10/2012

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