Twitter Just Sold You Out!

A new episode in trespassing virtual privacy occurred on Tuesday when the news of Twitter having allowed businesses to buy access to the website’s archived tweets surfaced. The news met with strong criticism from privacy activists who felt that by doing so Twitter had compromised the privacy of its over 500 million users.

Twitter users are generally of the impression that their tweets become automatically unavailable to the people outside of their selected network after seven days when the tweets cease to appear on the open feed of the micro-blogging website.

Quite on the contrary, Twitter’s database has archived each and every tweet that has ever been sent out – summing up to about 250 million tweets a day!

The deal brokered between the UK-based company Datasift and Twitter allows the former, access to all the tweets posted since January 2010. Datasift will then make use of the information given in the tweets to help firms in improving their marketing strategies.

The deal is aimed at generating revenue for Twitter, which allows its 500 million global users free access.

Previously, other social networking websites such as Facebook have also come under criticism after confessing that it had access to the SMS of its users who logged into Facebook from their mobile phones.

All said, here’s a word of advise for all Tweeps: register your concern NOW before the social media networks become so powerful that your whole life becomes an open subject for the big corporations to probe into!


Article publié pour la première fois le 29/02/2012

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