Creative and unordinary sofa designs; Top 5 in the list.

Unordinary sofa designs of this year; top 5 in the list.
Finding the perfect sofa can make all the difference in the feel of a home. An upholstered version can your living room an air of formality, whether it be a traditional rolled arm english style model, a tufted chesterfield or a sleek modern single cushion couch. Go for a slipcovered model and the space leans more casual. However, we have come up with the most casual and undermined solutions of a good sofa designs that may or may not suit you. Here are some of the unique designs of sofas around the world.
1. Lips Sofa








Imagine Angelina Jolie’s lips grew into yumy large plumps you could sit and lie on all day long in a crazy realm of pleasure.

2. Cactus Sofa







Well now that’s called spine chilling.

3. Vintage car Sofa









Is your old car too old to drive? Recycle it into a sofa.

4. Lego Sofa









Creative soda inspired by LEGO bricks is made from solid, interlocking, systematically lumpy wood.

5. Boxing Glove Sofa









Ever wanted to be a boxer? Well then do boxing for remote with your tiny sib on this sofa without the danger of getting a bruise.

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