Unusual eyeliner tips

There are many different and unusual ways in which we can put on makeup. This is a great way to put on eyeliner, the first thing you need to find a smoker who has a lighter on him or run to the store to get one.

Now you may think lighter and eyeliner together is something you will never do as they don’t go together, but just as long as it stays away from your eyes you’re golden. Now all you need to do is flick the lighter on and move your eyeliner through the flame 1-3 times. Now use it on your hand to see if it’s not hot enough to burn, because if it is than that would ruin your eyelashes. Now what you do next is completely up to you and how you want to apply the eyeliner.

If you want a crayon like gorgeous application that you plan to smudge a bit, just leave it for 3-5 seconds and then apply. Another thing that you can do is that if you want it to last longer and have a precise application, blot it and leave it for 5-10 seconds before using.

Another thing that we can use eyeliner for is, when you are out and you need to write down a number and cannot find a pen, use your eyeliner. It works great as a pen and you don’t need to worry about the eyeliner that is will be spoiled.

Article publié pour la première fois le 23/10/2012

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