War Hysteria Builds as Iran and Israel Shop for Allies

The last few weeks have seen the gradual ossification of tensions between the conventional adversaries in the Middle eastern region, Iran and Israel. This is not the first time that the adversity between the Muslim and Jewish state has turned from bad to ugly and if history were to be taken as a point of reference this certainly might not be the last time. However, the fact that actions are speaking louder than words in the current scenario is what makes the crisis stand out from previous similar situations.

Statement by a US veteran regarding a planned Israeli attack on Iran in fall 2012 and the murder of a top Iranian nuclear scientist last month followed by identical car bombs in the vehicles of Jewish diplomats in New Delhi and Georgia; the proclaiment of nuclear achievements by Iran and now more recently the forward movement of Iranian warships into the Mediterranean are all stand alone actions that once seen as part of the bigger picture indicate the arrival of a possible hot war in the region. The fact that leading media agencies are picking sides, becoming active propaganda mouth pieces in the ongoing cold war is a further manifestation of the rapidly deteriorating peace in Middle East.

All these factors combined are paving the road for a possible armed conflict that the troubled region, the likes of which has not been witnessed for over two decades now. It is important to observe here that no international or regional power has yet stepped in to play the role of the essential ‘balancer’ to avert the impending disaster. Even the high level visit of the US envoy to Israel can be interpreted more as a ‘show of solidarity’ by the US government with the Jewish state in case of an all out war with Iran rather than as an endeavor to defuse the tensions. Moreover, the recent agreement between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan to not allow a foreign power to use their respective territories for aggressive purposes against each other also stands to testify the fact that Iran and Israel are out shopping for allies in case of a possible war rather than allowing third party mediation to re-establish the status quo.

The build up provides a perfect scenario for the onset of a conflict, which if it starts, holds the potential to pull in parts of Europe, Americas and South Asia into its fold before completely engulfing the whole of Middle East.

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/02/2012

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